World of Wearable Art Award, Wellington, New Zeland, September 2019

In the Garden, 2019. Imagining the internal body as a natural world where seeds are planted and grow to become sources of healing, happiness, hope, energy, inspiration, and well being. These internal transformations give purpose and meaning to personal and internal understanding to guide and accompany the self in relationships and connections with the outside world. Unprimed canvas was used to start to create a living painting - taking the idea of a painting out of the traditional framed context onto the body like a sculpture that represents the soul. Ink, embroidery, thread, plastic pearls, water/textile colour, shell, Fabriano paper printing, etching, porcelain combined to represent deep feelings and internal truths, giving outward expression to my internal garden. This world is formed from seeds firmly rooted inside me, that through the creative process have brought me on a journey of discovery and self-knowing.
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Monika Bogyos

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